They may have a prehistoric dinosaur attraction, but when it comes to learning, West Midland Safari & Leisure Park (WMSLP) are keeping one foot firmly in the future. Nimble are delighted to welcome WMSLP to the nimble®Community.

eLearning for seasonal staff

While their theme park is light-hearted by nature, WMSLP take their training seriously. Not surprising when in the world of tourism, great customer service can be a competitive advantage and visitor safety is paramount. With a heavily seasonal workforce, WMSLP needed a solution that would help them 'hit the ground running' with training as soon as staff are recruited. That's where the benefits of nimble® come to the fore.

nimble® delivers

Alex Hathway, eLearning247 Marketing Director, states:
The training WMSLP deliver is unique and derived from decades of experience that they can't buy 'off the shelf'. With nimble®Author they are able to quickly and easily build their own bespoke courses that are relevant to the job in hand. Deployment of courses across all devices, including iPad, is key. We are pleased nimble® can meet WMSLP requirements from start to finish."