You’re busy creating courses, the clock is against you, your mind is focused on the content and assessment; it’s easy to compromise on the professionalism of your work. We recommend a few simple tips to ensure your material is professional and your learners experience courses which look good in every way.

Here are 5 tips to get you started:

1. Have you branded your learner login area?
(If not, navigate to Settings, then Site, choose a background, logo and colour and finally click Save).

2. Have you checked the course uses the correct course settings?
(Use the cogs to change course settings, such as learner study flow, assessment pass mark, 'complete on', course status, and learner access – if you don’t know what any of these items are, please read the description in the course settings. Make sure you click Save.)

3. Have you saved and checked the Word script of the course – for a quick spell and grammar check?
(Click on the cogs next to the course title and click ‘Save script to Word’. Often you’ll notice mistakes in Word format so you can make amendments in the course. Don’t forget to 'publish' afterwards to update your course.).

4. Have you gone through the course as a learner?
(Try adding yourself as a learner in the LMS using the 'Add learner' button. Then to enrol yourself on the course, go to the 'Enrolments' tab and select 'Manage' next to the course title. Click 'Enrol New Learners', tick the box against your name, and click 'Enrol new learners' at the bottom of the page. Decide if you want to send yourself an enrolment email.)

5. Have you set the contact email address?
(You can do this by going to Settings > Site > Notifications to view the email address which enrolment emails are sent from, and which can be used as the contact email address for learners.)

We hope you find these tips useful. It's always a good idea to look at your material from the learner's perspective. It may not be easy to stand back and be objective but it does pay off, especially when you get good feedback from your learners.