‘nimblets’ - you won’t find this collective noun in the dictionary! It’s the term we use for the dedicated, hard-working and creative folk who work for nimble®. Rather like bunnies, they’re multiplying as well. In 2015 we’ve been joined by:

Rory and Luke, who were introduced back in July as new members of our coding team. You can read more about their experience and what they do now by clicking here.

Phil joined us at the same time, as our Education Customer Relationship Manager, to drive the company’s expansion into schools and colleges. eLearning is rapidly becoming a major focus in this sector and teachers appreciate the ease of use of nimble®. Our largest education client, Shireland Collegiate Academy in Smethwick, will host a West Midlands seminar on February 4th next year, showcasing how they use nimble®. You can register for the event here.

Ben has been one of our resellers for some time but he’s now joined our sales team. Many of you will know him already if you came along to our Community Day in September - Ben was our excellent Master of Ceremonies. Ben’s experience includes working in both the financial services and management coaching sectors. He’s using this expertise to develop new customers and to introduce new sectors to nimble®.

Andy has joined our sales team too. He has 20 years' experience running his own sales consultancy, which has included working in the fields of technology and education.

Our expanded team aims to continually improve the experiences of our customers as well as keep us at the cutting edge of eLearning software development and usage in the future. Collectively we have high hopes for 2016!