nimble® by name, nimble by nature - that’s us!

We pride ourselves on responding to new developments and to requests from our customers. We think listening and responding to feedback is important, whether it’s on the phone, via email or even from our newsletters! That’s what keeps us nimble!

So here are some of the improvements we’ve introduced in 2015 to nimble®Author, thanks to your suggestions and requests:

• A survey feature can now capture learners’ feedback. This can help authors get an idea of how well their courses are working

• Assessments can be randomised, with the option for the author to place questions into ‘pools’. Questions can also be linked to topics to direct learners to revisit the topics where they need to refresh their knowledge

• Extended drag-and-drop provides increased choices in this activity – learners can demonstrate their understanding by using ordered lists, completing sentences, matching pairs and even labelling diagrams

• Page duplication was requested by lots of you. Now it just requires one click, and you can easily create templates with this method

• 12 languages* are now supported by the course player. This means the whole learner journey appears in the language selected

• Text editor improvements feature pop-up text, PDF uploads and web links

There are new features in nimble®LMS too:

• Results archiving* lets you archive learners’ current course data before renewing their enrolment on the course(s)

• Password management is improved and more secure having been aligned with ISO27001 safety protocols

• Customised learner data fields* means you can capture more information about your learners, organise learner data more efficiently, and make your LMS responsive to your needs

• Client Management* has improved, with more flexible reporting measures and departmental controls

• eCommerce* introduced for our enterprising clients who want to sell their courses.

*Optional feature - please contact us for more information.

We’re excited by even more developments we’ll roll out in 2016 because, like we said, being nimble is a state of mind!