How do you grow a business whilst balancing the demands of day-to-day pressures?
That’s the focus of this case study from ‘In Good Company’ -
This consultancy provides accredited coaching training and Leadership Development and Jo Wheatley and Zoe Hawkins, its directors, are on a journey to extend their capacity beyond face-to-face training whilst adding value to the company’s training portfolio. Their journey began with a search.

Don't overlook support and patience
Jo and Zoe wanted a platform that was easy and intuitive to use, relatively low cost and reflected their own values. During the time we’ve worked together we’re really pleased they have found us ‘approachable’, ‘enabling’ and ‘eternally patient and supportive, they recognise that every client has different needs and pressures. They are a great partner.’
Their elearning journey has had its ups and downs. Finding time to write courses has been an on-going challenge but alleviated by remembering this process is a long term investment.
Advice Tip No.1: Journeys require patience; remember the investment will eventually pay dividends to your customers.

Always keeping the learner in mind
It’s easy to get distracted while writing your courses, you need to keep one eye on your destination and another on those who are along for the ride! Jo and Zoe ‘constantly review’ their work so it meets their ILM Coaching and Mentoring criteria.
They recognise the golden rule to elearning, content needs to be broken down into manageable and useful chunks so it's understood by the learner.
Advice Tip No. 2: Listen to your audience, review your material based on their feedback.

Keep an eye on your destination
When we asked if they were enjoying their elearning journey, their reply amused us. ‘It’s like running a marathon! There’s lots of training, times when you hit the wall, but when you cross the finish line and get your medal, you are immensely proud and it is an achievement that you can keep drawing on.’ They’re quick to point out one big difference to marathon running – cloud-based technology lets you work at any time and in any place!
Advice Tip No. 3: Always keep your destination in mind, no matter how long the journey.

We asked for their advice to anyone starting this journey. We’ve put it into bullet points because there are some great tips here:
• ‘Ring fencing a couple of weeks per module, getting totally absorbed in the content and delivering it within that bubble is the most efficient and rewarding approach.
• Make sure that you have your branding, videos and time for narration set aside.
• Be bold and confident in your content, make sure your personality shines through.
• Always have the lens of engagement with your customers in focus and speak to your customers before you get started so that you know you will be meeting their needs.
• It doesn’t need to be perfect so don’t be a self-saboteur! Send the draft content to Nimble so they can give you a boost and pointers.’

Jo and Zoe would like your feedback on their ‘Introduction to Coaching’ course. The link to the course is here.

Here’s how you can contact them:
E-mail, or give them a call on 0800 690 6798.
In return for your constructive feedback they’re happy to provide ‘a one hour lunch-and-learn session’.

We hope you’ll be able to provide lots of encouragement for their completion of this first stage of their elearning journey.