We have exciting plans afoot. An update to nimble®Author and nimble®LMS is about to be released and you'll be upgraded soon. You don’t need to do anything. Sit back and relax while we upgrade your account automatically to v1.3.23, unlocking a host of great new features.

Why are all accounts being upgraded?
Good question. 2014 saw us migrate nimble® to a high-tech server hosted by Amazon Web Services (AWS). In 2015 we intend to take full advantage of AWS, but this can only happen once all our customers have been upgraded to the latest version of nimble®. V1.4 will make use of S3 (super-fast media asset management), RDS (high-speed database system) and better server management. This will provide us with a blisteringly fast, scalable platform that will support our product aspirations.

Is it safe?
Yes. Your courses and learner data will be unaffected. There will be minimal downtime for your learners and we will be taking a complete backup of your existing domain prior to the upgrade.

Here’s a list of some of the exciting new features you will see in 1.3.23:


  • Assessment randomisation and topic-linked question pooling
  • New learner study flow option (forced sequential study)
  • Advanced quiz feedback (allowing students to review answers)
  • Survey feature
  • Page duplication
  • Text editor improvements (additional hyperlink options)
  • Move objects (one or more) with arrow keys
  • Drag and drop improvements (providing a far more flexible interaction)
  • Supports 10x languages (optional*)


  • SCORM 2004 course import
  • Course tracking analytics
  • Resellers' portal
  • Client/departmental management enhancements (optional*)
  • Set course as ‘completed’ on content, assessment pass, or both
  • Enrol learners on a course folder
  • Course study flow (manage study flow through a course group)
  • Learners' course list supports 10x languages (optional*)
  • Learners' shop e-commerce module (optional*)
  • New courses default to complete on progress and passing assessment (based on latest best practice)
  • Improved security for learner enrolment emails (v1.3.24)

Version 1.4 will be hot on the heels of 1.3.23. It will include:

  • Amazon S3 asset management (offering further performance improvements, with super-fast image/video streaming and automatic asset version control)
  • Relational Database System - RDS (high-speed database system for rapid data access)
  • Auto-scaling load balanced servers (one for the techies! This will allow us to automatically add more servers should further performance be required)

Other features anticipated in 2015:

  • Mobile responsive player
  • Further interaction types
  • Additional royalty-free image library assets
  • New LMS reports and filters
  • nimble® resellers' module with customer dashboard (optional*)
  • Client shop e-commerce module (optional*)
  • If you can't find a feature that you're looking for, we'd love to hear from you. Please complete our contact form with your suggestions, or better still, contribute to the ‘New features’ topic of our nimbleCommunity forum.

    Select this link for more information on our recent nimble® version history.

    *Optional features are not included in a standard licence. Contact our support team for more information.