As companies working predominantly with computers, laptops, tablets and so on, we all have a responsibility under Health and Safety Law to provide basic Display Screen Equipment (DSE) training. If your company constitutes five or more people, this training must be 'provable' and logged in writing... so there's no getting away with it! In brief, a good DSE Workstation Assessment Course highlights your employees' physical interaction with their work environment; including issues of posture, computer and desk layout, seating, clothing, work breaks taken and much more.

DSE Workstation Assessment Course has been proved to reduce absenteeism, increase employee feelings of well-being and aid productivity. Companies that embrace health and safety regulations on a company-wide basis report higher levels of staff satisfaction than those who do the bare minimum or shun the practice entirely.

Created in collaboration with experts

We often work with subject-specific experts and our DSE Workstation Assessment Course is no exception. We worked closely with leading expert, Rachel Stevens from Optimum Performance Training Ltd, to develop a thorough, technically accurate and practical DSE Workstation Assessment Course. Rachel has over 25 years' experience of providing posture training, DSE workstation assessments and musculoskeletal advice. We're confident that the combination of Rachel's expertise and Nimble's experience, will make this course interesting, informative and fun for your colleagues to complete. And what's more, you will be able to monitor whether employees have completed it or not, helping you more easily fulfil your responsibilities under the Health and Safety Act. If you would like a quick taster of our DSE Workstation Equipment Course, you can click here for a demo.

DSE Workstation Assessment Course by nimble®Courses

The DSE Workstation Assessment Course has been developed within the framework of our interactive, flexible and fun eLearning platform, nimble®Author. nimble®Author, which launched in January this year, is a new, highly customisable and easy-to-use piece of eLearning software. Courses produced within the nimble®Author framework allow information to be presented in easily digestible, bite-size and interactive (i.e. 'interesting') learning chunks. What's more, unlike with many other eLearning courses available on the market, nimble®Courses allow you to add, amend or redesign elements of the course to suit your organisation or specific branding requirements. In short, we do the leg-work but give you the freedom to make it your own. We asked some of our customers to tell us what they thought of our new eLearning software and here's a couple of examples of the type of feedback we're getting;

"After a lot of research into eLearning authoring tools, we found nimble®Author and knew immediately it was what we were looking for – it is user-friendly, intuitive and incredibly enjoyable to use for both authors and learners. We are so pleased to be working with this friendly, obliging company and its high quality authoring software." Gail Charlton, Product Development, Pitman Training

“We have found nimble®Author so simple to use, the flexibility of it means you can change something immediately and it can be used for all sorts of training topics, it’s brilliant and we highly recommend it! The support is also excellent.” Russell Challenor, Health and Safety Manager, DFDS Seaways, Dover

As ever, we are extremely grateful to our customers for their positive feedback and strive to consistently deliver the highest standards of product development and service.

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If you would like more information on our DSE Workstation Assessment Course, any of our other nimbleCourses®, or if you would just like to have a chat about using nimble®Author to create your own eLearning, please get in touch with one of our friendly team on +44 (0)1453 823 029 or email We will be more than happy to help.