We believe that the key to a successful eLearning product lies in the collaboration and participation of our customers. We believe that, as a community, we can support and encourage each other to get the best out of nimble®. That’s why we’re introducing a nimble®Community zone; a dedicated customer ‘information centre’ supported via our existing nimble® website. This online resource for our clients aims to keep the lines of communication open between the nimble® team and our customers, but also, importantly, facilitate the sharing of information and resources between our customers themselves. In this way, we hope to allow all our users to make the most out of their nimble® software via the collective dissemination of hints, tips, examples and advice.

Do take five minutes to explore our new nimble®Community customer area.

The nimble®Community Forum

Perhaps one of the most requested and ultimately valuable resources in the new nimble®Community online ‘hub’, is the new customer forum. As it suggests, this forum allows existing and potential nimble® users to liaise directly with one another in order to share their experiences of working with our eLearning portfolio; nimble®Author, nimble®LMS and nimble®Courses. With the ability to ask questions, share inspiration, trade tips and demonstrate ways in which nimble® can be used, we hope to create and sustain a top quality user experience that is truly enjoyable. Not only does this generate a fantastic melting pot of information and experience from all walks of industry, but it provides some excellent networking opportunities for our customers at the same time. The sense of being one big team really came across at our recent customer ‘community’ event, and this is something that we are really looking forward to replicating in our online forum.

Here To Help

While all our customers know that the nimble® team is on hand at any time to help with queries, we appreciate that there are moments when you just need a quick reminder or a ‘how-to’ prompt. That’s why our nimble®Community online section includes a wealth of information and instructional videos to ensure 24/7 access to all nimble® support materials. Whether it’s how to create a new elearning course in nimble®Author, or a reminder on how to add a student in nimble®LMS, our dedicated How-To and FAQ sections seek to provide the answers to all your queries. Don’t forget, if there is something you can’t find, get in touch with the nimble® team directly, so that we can help you out and also make sure that the missing support information is added to nimble®Community online resource bank as quickly as possible.

Testimony to Success

While it is always nice to share success stories, we find our customers really benefit from hearing about how fellow nimble® users have employed our product software to fulfil their elearning needs. As such, another key section in our nimble®Community site is dedicated to the sharing of written and video testimonials from a cross-section of our client base. We hope these will provide inspiration for your own requirements or suggest solutions to particular challenges you may be facing as an industry or organisation. Not only will you get to meet the rest of the nimble®Community but hopefully you’ll pick up some great tips along the way and see what the nimble® platform can do. We welcome testimonials from all of our customers and are grateful to all those who have taken the time so far to tell their stories and pass on their experiences and advice to other existing and prospective users.

Get involved with your nimble®Community today!

Take a look at your new nimble®Community online section today; visit elearning247.com/community. Find out what hot topics are being talked about in our forum, view testimonials, meet the team or get swotting up on our new product features. And most importantly, enjoy being part of your nimble®Community!