What does success mean to you?

Innovative car manufacturer Henry Ford said, “Coming together is the beginning. Keeping together is progress. Working together is success.”

It’s a philosophy we subscribe to at nimble®. We want great success for our customers but we don’t want them to feel they’re working on their own. We are always ready and willing to help.

No need to reinvent the wheel
The nimble®Community includes people who are new to eLearning, who have other responsibilities to consider and often not a lot of time to invest in developing their material. They're people who don't want to waste time ‘re-inventing the wheel’. Therefore, as Henry Ford's quote suggests, working together can avoid all that wasteful reinvention. We've got the experience of working with others who have had similar challenges, good ideas and improved ways of working. It makes sense to share that experience.

Here's how we do it:

Getting behind the wheel
Our six-stage process aims to increase your expertise and help you to develop high-quality courses. We put you firmly in the driving seat, we listen to your goals and create the programme to help you reach that destination. So how does it work?

Stage 1: The trial: the free trial lets you build courses, tweak and refine them and share them with others so you can get feedback. You need to decide if nimble® is right for you. Think of it as test driving a car.

Stage 2: Getting to know nimble®: to help you build on your nimble® experience, we’ll discuss with you some of the features where nimble® may have a relevance for you. To continue our metaphor, it's like when the sales person takes you through the exciting features of your new car! We might take you through a demonstration to do this – online or in person.

Stage 3: nimble® know-how: you’re behind the wheel, happily driving your course development, you're now ready to become an advanced driver. We can introduce you to some of the expectations, language and protocols within eLearning. If you've not been all that familiar with eLearning, it can make a real difference and help you create really professional courses.

Stage 4: Course check-up: you’ve created your first course, you’re happy with it and believe it’s ready to share with your learners. Think of this stage as your car’s service – we’ll check the oil and tyres to make sure your learners have a good experience. We’ll provide you with a report highlighting any suggestions we think might help.

Stage 5: Pre-launch review: we can review your learners’ experiences with you on your nimble®LMS. We can review branding, email communication, data recording and analysis to make sure your management systems are going to help you reach your destination and make you look good on the journey.

Stage 6: Stay on course: you are now up and running and you enjoy the journey so much you want to extend it. You might want to review your licence to help you reach your new destinations, you might want to include more drivers. Think of us as your nimble® sat-nav! We'll help to get you to wherever you want to go!

And finally:
One customer whose wheels are already turning, recently said this about the programme:
“Being a complete e-learning novice I chose nimble® because of its simplicity and ease of use, and the excellent customer support they promised to, and did, provide. I have not been disappointed and, after 12 months of developing my courses, I have just sold the first ones!”
Dr John Simmons, Acheta Consulting Ltd

If you want to be a part of the Customer Success Programme, then contact Dee or Phil to get involved, we’d love to hear from you!