If you haven’t already done so I’d suggest reading two other articles in this library, “eLearning for the EPQ” and “Mark-It-Yourself Homework”, before looking at this one.

Flipping classrooms has become an educational phenomenon, it’s being trialled in lots of ways. In the US research shows it is raising achievement quite significantly. In a nutshell it reverses the traditional learning model; the student absorbs the information at home and applies it in the lesson. Until now it’s taken the form of a teacher in a video file or a set of worksheets on a VLE/Moodle.

I’ve started to see some exciting innovations (mainly in sixth form colleges) using e-authoring software, like nimble®.

Courses contain the information, often on in the form of PDFs loaded onto the course as well as hyperlinks to useful websites and video files on YouTube and Vimeo. Students complete simple quizzes to ensure they’re on the right lines and larger assessments to act as evidence of completion (which can have pass marks to guide).

Using the nimble® Learning Management System teachers can check on each student’s progress (or set it up via their Moodle).

My point is simple – it shows how traditional learning models can change with this form of technology. It’s worth trialling with a group or two to evaluate the impact.

Phil Parker, education consultant at Nimble