Nimble's latest customer, DFDS Seaways, have set sail with their new eLearning safety modules created using nimble®Author. Within the first 3 weeks of launch, over 400 personnel from Dover, Newhaven, Portsmouth, Belfast and Peterborough have registered and employees from Larkhall, Felixstowe and Immingham are soon to benefit. Through nimble®LMS, DFDS Seaways have already seen the improved results from those who participate in the training versus those who do not.

“The speed of delivery of this training is possible because eLearning modules can be accessed whenever convenient by staff making them so much more flexible than the old way of gathering a group together in the same place at the same time,” says Richard Baines, Group Health, Safety and Environment Manager.

The responsibility to create these modules fell to Russell Challenor, Health and Safety Manager at Dover. He states:“We have found nimble®Author so simple to use, the flexibility of it means you can change something immediately and it can be used for all sorts of training topics, it’s brilliant and we highly recommend it! The support is also excellent.”

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