Let’s face it, as a company, keeping yourself and all your staff up to speed with the rules and regulations associated with data protection, can be a bit of a bind. Yet, life in the ‘Ether Age’ dictates that it is crucial for us all – whether providing personal data or handling it – to feel protected against the possible misuse and abuse of our right to privacy.

Protect your customers, protect yourself

Any company that holds and processes information about customers, suppliers or employees is legally bound to handle that information with respect and responsibility. Whether you record, hold, collect, disclose or erase any names, addresses, dates of birth, opinions or any other identifying factors of an individual, you are required by law to comply with the Data Protection Act (DPA). The Act is a set of rules based on principles designed to ensure the highest possible standards in the handling of personal information, with the aim of protecting the individual’s right to privacy.

The Data Protection Act in Short

In very, very brief summary, the Data Protection Act requires that you do the following:

  • Only collect information that you need for a specific purpose and only record as much as you need for the bespoke period that you need it
  • Keep that information secure as outlined by The Act
  • Ensure that data collected and held is relevant and up-to-date
  • Allow the individual to whom the information pertains to see it on request

There are a number of online data protection courses currently available and Nimble has recently launched a new online data protection course into the market. Our course combines fundamental, legally required data protection training with our bespoke eLearning authoring tool, nimble®Author. Given that the content of a data protection course can be a little dry, we’ve worked hard to integrate this obligatory learning content into our engaging, interactive authoring tool. We’ve maximised the impact and take-up of this data protection training module, making it easier for employees to absorb and translate the necessary learning into their workplace. Our course is a digestible 40 minutes long and answers all of your employees’ questions about the Data Protection Act. In addition to the highly interactive nature of our course, we use real life examples which help to effectively convey the rules and regulations that organisations and individuals must follow to properly comply with today’s data protection laws.

If you have any questions about the Data Protection Act and training your employees in data protection best practice, or would like to buy our Data Protection eLearning course, then please feel free to contact us info@elearning247.com