As a deputy headteacher, staff development was the bane of my life! There were the innovative sessions I wanted staff to undertake but they were frequently eroded by the mind-blowingly dull (but necessary) items as well. Maintaining the right balance was a nightmare.

nimble® has the answer to this problem. You need to ensure everyone gets the same message (and understands it) plus you need to guarantee everyone has participated (almost impossible with part-time staff!). I’m talking of topics such as safeguarding awareness, bullying policy here, issues everyone needs to understand – supply teacher, new staff and so on.

Placing the material in a nimble® course means staff access it at a time which is convenient to them whilst you know the information they’re getting is consistent. The big plus is you have evidence they’ve completed it, you might want to generate a certificate which can be included in appraisal/performance management reviews.

In colleges where faculties have specific protocols this idea can be used with students as well. For example, a simple health and safety course completed by students at the outset, covers the tutor (and the college) from insurance claims, OFSTED will love it too.

Phil Parker, education consultant at Nimble